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The Kevin “Kid” Kash Blog – 8

Another new week, folks.  Thank you for reading my blog.  Also, make sure to check out my podcast.  There are different things discussed on the pod as opposed to the blog.  I had a chance to do some channel surfing over the weekend.  I did a search of all of the movies channels that we have and up popped one of my favorites from 2004.  None other than “Napoleon Dynamite” .  Now, when I first saw this movie.  I already had people telling me how funny it was.  After one viewing, I wasn’t hooked.  It was ok.  The something changed.  I watched it with my kids.  They started quoting line from the movie and that got me hooked.  I even found a little Napoleon Dynamite speaker with some of the more popular movie quotes loaded onto it.  I even tried t watch the short-lived cartoon (which is now on Hulu, I think) It was fun to have all of those memories come flooding back.  Good family fun.  Be well…

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