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The Kevin “Kid” Kash Blog – 10

I was out yesterday after a visit to the doctor.  I’ve been diagnosed with a hernia.  So, the next step is to get a consult with a surgeon.  The call has been made.  Waiting on a response.  I also think I have a really bad pinched nerve in my back.  Need to find a specialist for that, too.  I know, it’s one thing after another.  Trying my best to remain positive.

My heart goes out to my wife, though.  She’s been dealing with the loss of her uncle.  Her estranged family doesn’t help the situation any. I won’t get into it too much as it’s not my story to tell.  I would only hope that they can all somehow find a common ground to respect each other and get along. She also has me to care for and worry about and that is a lot. She’s a strong woman but these times are surely testing her.  I wish I could do so much more for her.  I wish only positive things for her moving forward!  Be well…

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