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Taylor Swift Really Is Taking Over The World!!



The panic among Democrats about whether President Joe Biden will step aside has officially reached the Can Taylor Swift Save Us? stage.

According to a report from Semafor, two “well connected” Democrats have been circulating a memo to party donors proposing a plan for a “blitz primary” to replace Biden. The memo — written by Georgetown law professor and former Obama administration staffer Rosa Brooks, along with venture capitalist and Democratic donor Ted Dintersmith — proposes a month-long primary featuring six candidates who receive the most votes from party delegates. The delegates would then decide the party’s eventual nominee right before the Democratic National Convention in Chicago — which starts on Aug. 19.

Among the many parts of this plan sure to be dismissed as fanciful by critics, all the candidates must pledge to run a positive campaign. And the plan would require the immediate and complete support of President Biden — who, of course, has insisted he is remaining in the race.

So where does Taylor Swift come in? As part of their plan, Brooks and Dintersmith propose weekly forums with the six potential candidates — which would be moderated by various cultural icons. Among the names floated as potential moderators; Michelle ObamaOprah Winfrey, and yes, Taylor Swift.

And while the haters gonna hate, Brooks claims her far-flung plan has been met with “near-universal support,” according to Semafor.Explore Things to Do in Maine This Summer

“We can limp to shameful, avoidable democracy-ending defeat,” the memo states (per Semafor). “Or Democrats can make this Our Finest Hour.”

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