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Born and raised just outside Chicago. I’m a simple Midwestern boy with big dreams! As a kid, I wanted to be a superhero… I still think about it, however, I haven’t discovered my superpowers yet. I discovered my love for music when my dad hid his guitar behind the bedroom door said: “Don’t Touch That”! I joined my first band before I could play anything. (I was allowed to join because my dad had the equipment!) I’ve played in LOTs of bands and even had a CD released. (produced by Jon Oliva and Steve Whacholz of Savatage) Radio was a way for me to almost have an actual job and still be around music. I LOVE being in radio! It’s a LOT more work than most people understand, but it seems to “fit” who I am. Music is my life! I HAVE to be around it… it’s an addiction! I can’t be without it, or I’ll start freaking out! I’ve never had a mullet, and I love fried chicken.