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Kidney for Kid Kash

In March 2020, I went to the doctor for I what thought was a really bad headache.  Turns out I was experiencing very high blood pressure due to kidney disease.
I am now going through the process of looking for the right hospital to perform the transplant. I have a donor and he is graciously and patiently waiting to help me.   After a long journey with Medstar Georgetown, they at first approved the surgery, then later declined to perform it.  (details in the blog below)  I’m currently contacting more hospitals, as I am confident that there are doctors out there who believe that this kidney transplant can and will work.
Becoming a kidney donor is a tremendous gesture.  According to medical surveys,  most donors experience a psychological benefit.  If you would like to be considered for a kidney donor please reach out to the centers below.  I thank you for your encouragement through my journey and I appreciate you reading this.  My family and co-workers thank you as well! – Kid Kash

The Kevin “Kid” Kash Blog – 3

Well, into February we go.  I’m anxiously awaiting winter to be over.  The cold weather really messes with my health.  Over the years, I’ve tried to explain this to my doctors, but they usually just stare at

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The Kevin “Kid” Kash Blog – 2

Hey Herd – hope you are good.  I have up & downs just like we all do, but the downs are a little more scary having kidney disease.  Maybe I should change my name to Kevin “Kidney”

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2021 Updates

1/12/21 Well, here we go into a new year.  I’m hopeful for better health and I’m following the leads from my doctors to get things right.  Now that the kidney transplant is on hold, I’m working with

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2020 Updates

8/10/20 My most recent blood test shows that my kidney function is decreasing over the last few months.  As of the first week of August 2020, it stands at only 8% functionality.  On 8/12/20, I am going

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