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Goat Birthdays!


Happy Birthday to the following GOATS:

  • Oh those “Angel Eyes” of Jeff Healey would have been 58 – You have to check out this information about ‘Road House: The Lost Soundtrack’! 
  • Hey Hey Hey, Haywood Nelson is 64…you know Dwayne on What’s Happening.
  • Sir Binky Poodleclip or as we know him as the Rocketman Sir Elton John is 77
  • The QUEEN of Soul, Aretha Franklin…she would have been 82. She passed away in 2018.
  • Starsky aka Paul Glaser of Starsky & Hutch is 81
  • Movie critic from the “Today” show, Gene Shalit is 98!
  • Howard Cosell would have been 106!


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