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A Guy Left His Fiancée’s Wedding Dress on Top of His Car and Drove Off


Tom Mitton and Lindel Cain were picking up some of their belongings from a storage unit in Adelaide, Australia, on March 24, 2024, and one of those items just to happened to be Cain’s wedding dress. Careful not to crush the $2,000 Belgian-made gown, Mitton put the frock on the roof of his car while he loaded his trunk with the heavier boxes first. Although Mitton had the best intentions, he forgot to retrieve the wedding dress from the roof before driving away.

Cain tells The Daily Mail that the two of them had just pulled into a shopping center called Burnside Village in Glenside, Australia, when Mitton realized what had happened. “We quickly turned around and tried to retrace our steps,” Cain explains. “We parked the car and walked along the road with trucks going 90 kilometers per hour past us, trying to find the box somewhere on the side of the road.” Despite their efforts, the bride- and groom-to-be weren’t able to locate the missing item.

Mitton says he’s “angry” at himself for forgetting to grab his fiancée’s wedding dress, per the outlet, since he knows how much the gown means to Cain. “For a man who isn’t very emotional, there were lots of emotions yesterday, lots of tears on his behalf because he could see how upset I was,” Cain recalls. Although the dilemma was distressing for the bride-to-be, she’s been as understanding and forgiving as possible.

Cain is taking the situation in stride, and she’s done her best to make light of the situation through humor. “It’s going to make a very good speech at the wedding,” she jokes. Plus, the bride-to-be shares that if they don’t locate the frock, the worst-case scenarios is buying another one, which won’t be an issue given that their wedding isn’t until 2025. The couple is remaining hopeful, through. If anyone happens to find Cain’s wedding dress, they plan on giving that person a $500 reward.

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